Rocinante screenshots

On this page there are some screenshots of program Rocinante. If you click on the small pictures, you will see full sized pictures. (If you have some nice screenshots of Rocinante - I would be pleased you to send me these pictures.)

Rocinante - init screen
63367B (622x553)
Initial screen of Rocinante
Rocinante - open one network
42607B (800x600)
One network
Rocinante - selection new file
52972B (800x600)
New file
Rocinante - network protocol
28445B (800x600)
Rocinante - covariance matrix
33112B (800x600)
Rocinante - network parameters
74997B (800x600)
Network parameters
Rocinante - solve dialog
53093B (800x600)
Solve dialog
Rocinante - clear dialog
47588B (800x600)
Clear dialog
Rocinante - information about cluster
34996B (800x600)
Information about cluster
Rocinante - "Save As" dialog
46669B (800x600)
Save As...

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